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Natural stone sealing: For long enjoyment of the stone

Natural stone sealing and impregnation: the right care.

Natural stones have an attractive appearance. In addition, such a coating provides a flat surface and can be used in almost any type of building structure.

Since this finishing is used in a variety of environments, natural stones are susceptible to external influences, damage and, of course, staining. Therefore, when using natural stone, proper care is required. In order for such flooring to last for a long time, it is necessary to protect the stones in the best possible way. Natural stone sealing offers you effective and efficient protection.

Natursteinversigelung & Steinimprägnierung Mallorca

Why is natural stone sealing useful?

The sealant is used for those types of stone in which there are open and large pores. Due to this nature, stones are absorbent to a certain extent and liquids and dirt get under the surface and settle here.

As a result, removing dirt is time consuming and sometimes impossible.

Sealing natural stone can definitely be considered a sensible and practical measure. Whether you install natural stone outdoors or indoors, regular cleaning is an absolute must here so that it continues to impress with its usual appearance.

Natural stone impregnation or natural stone sealing: For which surfaces is this useful?

Treatment of floors and surfaces can be useful in almost all indoor and outdoor areas:

  • In the kitchen, natural stone countertops or tiles are protected from stains caused by wine, oil, sauces and other foods
  • In the bathroom, you can protect your floors and other surfaces from soap and toothpaste stains and excessive moisture penetration
  • Outdoors, it makes sense to treat the stone with protective impregnation, so that it is reliably protected from the effects of the weather

Thus, surface treatment is advantageous regardless of the application.

By the way: Artificial stone can also be effectively protected by impregnation or sealing.

Natural stone impregnation or sealing – which is better?

Impregnating or sealing granite, sandstone or marble has many advantages. But which approach should you choose? Both options ensure that dirt sticks less and water can penetrate the pores of the stone less intensively.

If your natural stone floor is impregnated, the pores remain open. This means that the natural stone impregnation repels liquid and dirt, but water vapor can continue to penetrate to the outside. This allows moisture rising from the floor to diffuse unhindered through the natural stone.

The natural stone sealant, in turn, creates a transparent layer on the stone surface. Thus, water and moisture can no longer penetrate. However, this can make natural stone floors more sensitive to outdoor frost.

If you contact S-TecPalma, our experts can advise you on the best treatment for your flooring.

Advantages of natural stone sealing/impregnation

As with any type of surface care, natural stone impregnation and natural stone sealing have their advantages. Based on this, the S-TecPalma team will select the best protection for your stone surface.

Advantages of natural stone impregnation:

  • Water and moisture bead off and penetrate the stone more slowly
  • Dirt adheres less
  • Floor and surface pores remain open

The advantages of natural stone sealing:

  • Even the smallest irregularities are smoothed out so that no dirt can adhere to them
  • The stone surface is completely compacted so that neither dirt nor moisture can penetrate it
  • With less cleaning effort you save time and money on cleaning agents
  • The surface gets a beautiful shine

First, old and damaged silicone joints are removed without leaving any residue. Clean work is particularly important here in order to create the ideal basis for new grouting. The better the preparation, the better and more durable the result will be.

If you are already interested in this offer, simply contact us by requesting a callback, for example. S-TecPalma specialists will answer all your questions. In addition, you can discuss the details of the upcoming work on your property or in your house.