Deep cleaning and impregnation of natural stone

Natural stone has an attractive appearance and is used in a wide range of building structures. Different natural stones have different properties. However, natural stone is always absorbent to a certain extent, meaning that liquids and dirt can be absorbed by the surface. This must be prevented.

Accurate impregnation is highly recommended to maintain the visual appearance of the stone.

Natural stone impregnation: For which surfaces is this useful?

The treatment of floors and surfaces can be useful in almost all indoor and outdoor areas:

  • In the kitchen, natural stone worktops or tiles are protected from stains caused by wine, oil, sauces and other foods
  • In the bathroom, you can protect your floors and other surfaces from soap and toothpaste stains as well as excessive moisture ingress
  • Outdoors, a treatment with protective impregnation is advisable to ensure that the stone is reliably protected against the effects of the weather.

Surface treatment is therefore advantageous regardless of the application. Incidentally, artificial stone can also be very effectively protected by impregnation.

Advantages of natural stone impregnation

As with any type of surface care, natural stone impregnation has advantages. On this basis, the S-TecPalma team will select the best protection for your stone surface.

Advantages of natural stone impregnation:

  • Water and moisture roll off and penetrate the stone more slowly
  • Dirt adheres less
  • Floor and surface pores remain open

Firstly, old and damaged silicone joints are removed without leaving any residue. Clean work is particularly important here in order to create the ideal basis for new grouting. The better the preparation, the better and more durable the result.

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