Teak deck refurbishment

Teak deck refurbishment in Mallorca: the right care for your yacht

A teak deck loses strength over the years. A layer of washed-out wood fibres remains on the surface. Such a deck dries slowly and leads to a faster loss of substance. With a screwed teak deck, plugs become a problem over time. They wear out or lose their ability to hold. As a result, the screw connection becomes exposed and unprotected. A leaking threaded connection can sometimes irreparably damage the fibreglass-reinforced plastic or plywood deck under the teak.

If your teak deck shows signs of wear and tear, you must act quickly, as rainwater can penetrate under individual deck poles and cause considerable damage once the joint sealant has separated from the wooden side surfaces of the poles.

There is a solution – a timely teak deck refurbishment

A professional teak deck refurbishment is a challenging but also very rewarding measure to increase and maintain the value and longevity of your yacht. Our team endeavours to refurbish teak decks in all shapes and designs. We have also developed a method for re-milling the deck joints to prevent the joints from widening. In this case, the presence of wood substance with a thickness of at least 8 mm is an important prerequisite for teak deck refurbishment.

The teak deck restoration we carry out in Mallorca includes:

  • Removal of the old grout
  • Sanding of the teak deck
  • Dismantling of all fittings
  • Replacement of individual bars
  • Replacement of deck screw connections
  • Sealing the deck with a sealing compound
  • Fine sanding and fitting assembly

Each individual fitting is thoroughly cleaned by hand using cotton buds and special cleaning agents. The assembly of cleaned parts requires the knowledge and experience of our employees.

If you have any questions, simply contact us using one of the methods available. We will be happy to provide you with all the information you are interested in and help you to ensure that your yacht will serve you for many years to come.

Why S-TEC Palma? Because we know how important a good teak deck is!

Everything we do for you as part of the teak deck refurbishment on Mallorca is done economically and efficiently on site: we unscrew the old screws, drill screw holes and make them deeper, remove the old grouting, sand the teak deck, put in new screws, deepen and re-grout the joints. We know exactly how important good joints are and what damage can occur if they are no longer ideal. That’s why we can repair defective joints on your boat in no time at all.

Everything you need for teak deck restoration on Mallorca is in our workshop van: we work on the move in the marina or in winter storage. Your yacht remains in place, as we come to you ourselves.

Teak deck refurbishment is a manual task and therefore always time-consuming. We have developed a method that allows us to carry out individual work steps more efficiently. This reduces the time needed to complete the task and your costs.

Is the refurbishment worthwhile or do you need to invest in a new teak deck? You will receive an honest answer from us. Because we want you to really enjoy your teak deck!

Contact us now!

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