Glass sealing for windows

New windows provide a crystal clear view and look great. Isn’t it annoying when that perfect finish is ruined by rain, spray or greasy fingers. Why can’t glass surfaces always be as beautiful as on the first day? Cleaning with conventional cleaning agents only solves the problem in the short term; a nano or ceramic-based surface treatment gives your windows longer lasting beauty.

Why do windows get dirty so quickly

When cleaning windows the question arises as to why dirt and water deposits take such a firm hold on these supposedly smooth surfaces. Why do glass surfaces get so dirty so easily? At a microscopic level, window panes are anything but smooth. In close-up you can clearly see that glass has a mountain-like profile. Untreated window glass thus provides a perfect home for dust, sand, limescale and grease marks.

When cleaning with conventional cleaning agents, you wipe the dirt out of the glass profile. The result looks very good at first glance, until the “valleys” in the glass fill up again with dirt and debris. This does not require a storm, but simply a few dirty fingers, tree pollen or sandy rain.

Permanently clean glass surfaces with glass sealing

To optimally protect your windows from dirt and water stains, nano or ceramic glass sealing really helps. Glass sealing has long been standard for car windows, as drivers depend on clear vision. You can bring this effect into your own home with an equivalent glass sealing technique.

A nano glass sealant fills the mountain-like profile of a glass surface with nano or ceramic polymers so that there is no space left for the dirt. The new layer is invisible to the human eye and has a dirt-repelling effect. This gives the windows a smooth surface profile that efficiently repels dirt.

A surface sealing does not mean that you will never have to clean windows again. However, the sealed surface ensures that dirt only rests lightly and water beads off. This means that you do not have to clean the surfaces as often and the cleaning process takes much less time than with untreated surfaces.

Advantages of glass sealing

A glass sealant not only permanently frees your glass surfaces from dirt, but also relieves you of household chores. The most important advantages of glass impregnation include:

  • Long-term clean windows.

Clean windows are more appealing to the eye. Nano glass sealing ensures a dirt-repellent surface and shining glass.

  • No additional cleaning agents required!!!

To clean your sealed windows, you no longer need expensive glass cleaners, just a damp microfibre cloth.

  • Glass surfaces look high-quality for longer

The nanopolymer layer works for several years and permanently protects against dirt and water stubbornly adhering to delicate surfaces.

  • Sustainable and good for the environment

A nano-level sealant is not only pleasing to the eye but also time-saving and highly efficient. In contrast to many cleaning agents, a surface treatment on the nano level is sustainably environmentally friendly.